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Eco Friendly Chef Corporation, design, manufacture and deliver sustainable culinary solutions for professional kitchens. Our award- winning deep fryer accessory helps chefs to product up to twice the amount of quality food product from cooking oil.

This saves you up to 50% on oil purchases.

Most importantly, the quality of food from the deep fryer is far superior to any other food from any other deep fryer in the World. The food absorbs less oil, the food retains more of its natural color and flavor profile while at the same time, the texture of the food is retained for a longer period of time.

OiLChef is a great asset as it enables the operator to cook food in a shorter cooking time and allows you to fryer different foods in the same oil WITHOUT FLAVOR TRANSFERS happening between each food.

Eco Friendly Chef Corp. continues to help thousands of Chefs around the World to produce the highest possible quality of food, reduce their carbon footprint and increase their profit margins.


Our founder and CEO explains it all in less than 3 minutes here:


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