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O-LIVE & Co. is a 100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil, estate grown and bottled, cold extracted, and the largest producer and exporter of bottled extra virgin olive oil from Chile since 2010.

Since 2004, this family-run company has been delivering worldwide only the highest quality products, made in the beautiful Colchagua Valley, located 200 km south of Santiago, known internationally because of the great quality of its vineyards and a climate very similar to the Mediterranean.

O-LIVE &Co is 100% authentic, with a very strict process from tree to bottle, highlighted by taste experts worldwide with more than 65 awards in 10 years.

That’s what leads to the fresh, smooth, buttery taste that has already made O-LIVE one of the world’s top extra virgin olive oils. It’s designed to satisfy the most demanding consumers, because it’s made as a high quality – everyday oil at an everyday price.

All from our home, in Chile.

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