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Paris Gourmet was established in 1983 by Xavier and Dominique Noel in Houston, TX.  Since 1991, we are headquartered in Carlstadt, NJ and have become a leading specialty food service importer of gourmet and pastry ingredients. Paris Gourmet has direct distribution in the Tri-State Area, servicing most of the area with its own sales staff and delivery fleet.  Nationally, we have a network of over 100 distributors in most major U.S. markets, including the Caribbean, Mexico and Canada.  

Paris Gourmet has also created and controls a portfolio of proprietary brands developed over the years and also has exclusivity for the U.S. market for some leading manufacturers’ brands.  We specialize in products such as Chocolate Couverture, Butter, Technical products, Coffee & Tea, Frozen Croissants & Danishes, time saving Pastry Powder Preparation Mixes, Fruit Purees, Citrus Zests, IQF Fruits, Vanilla Beans and Extracts, Fruit Pastes for pastry and gelato, Demi-Sec/ Freeze Dried/ Candied Fruits, Spices, Nuts, and so much more.


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