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Portion Control Fresh, LLC is about CONSISTENT SIZED POTATOES EVERY TIME! No more re-sorting “back of house!”

(PCF) is owned and operated by the same farmers that brought you Nature’s Light potatoes sorted especially for retail grocery stores. We are 3rd generation Idaho farmers who have been in the business of growing, packaging, and shipping famous Idaho russet Burbank potatoes since 1949.

We are highlighting the BRILLIANCE of an A LA CARTE POTATO in your lineup of food offerings! We offer precision sizing for our foodservice industry customers who demand consistency in their serving portion requirements. We offer consistently sized potatoes JUST FOR BAKING. Choose your specific size and never have to re-sort your box of potatoes again!

Other PCF potato offerings are available JUST FOR MASHED and JUST FOR FRYING.

Here at PCF, we are focused on increasing your ROI and the Quality of your potatoes simultaneously! Our PCF fresh pack processing facilities utilize protected STATE-OF-THE-ART technologies that are as unique as our marketing philosophy. No one else can deliver the exactness of precision sizing in the potato industry better than Portion Control Fresh! Let us do the MATH for you. Portion Control Fresh Idaho Potatoes will increase your ROI and REDUCE your labor costs concurrently.

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Bob Hancock
(703) 310-8360
1070 Riverwalk Drive, Suite 200, Idaho Falls, Idaho 83402