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Ankura brings a skilled and experienced team of experts to the challenges facing the many types of organizations that comprise the complex healthcare ecosystem. Our consultants uncover insights to manage risk, create a competitive advantage, improve operational performance and engagement outcomes, and ultimately, the quality of patient care. In all of our services, data-driven insights and solutions are key to decision-making and value creation.

Compliance Consulting
Our team includes former chief compliance officers who have worked in large organizations. They know how things work “on the inside” as industry experts who deeply understand the complex issues that give rise to investigations and settlements. We assist organizations with proactive measures to prevent fraud and other wrongdoing. With extensive experience assisting organizations making voluntary self-disclosures and enjoying positive relationships with the enforcement agencies, we can also help protect organizations against government scrutiny and help defend those that are pursued by government agencies.

Services Include:

  • Compliance program development, implementation, training and effectiveness assessments
  • Compliance officer and staff outsourcing/interim services
  • Compliance risk assessment and audit services
  • Documentation, coding, and billing auditing and monitoring
  • Compliance-related investigations and corrective action plans
  • Independent Review Organization and Board Expert services
  • HIPAA privacy and cybersecurity program development, assessments, and support
  • Acquisition due diligence
  • Enterprise Risk Management program development and assessments

Research Consulting
Advances in medicine and clinical research, and innovations in technology and tools, have proliferated over the last two decades, leading to complex laws and regulations and an aggressive enforcement environment. Academic medical centers, universities, hospitals and health systems, research institutes, and the individual scientists performing or overseeing research studies are at great risk and should understand the regulatory requirements and best practices for the performance of clinical research. Ankura’s research consulting team is well-known for its experience and prides itself on creating client-specific solutions for the research needs of large and small research organizations, including both research sites and the sponsors who fund research studies.

Services Include: 

  • Human subject protection consulting
  • Research fraud and misconduct investigations
  • Coverage analysis and research revenue cycle consulting
  • Federal grant advisory services
  • Research administrative process improvement and interim staffing
  • IRB and research staff outsourcing/interim services
  • Implementation of research compliance program services
  • Assessment of the effectiveness of research compliance program services
  • Conflict of interest program advisory services
  • GCP auditing and monitoring services
  • Research strategy consulting

Interim Staffing
Should your organization have a need for interim support, Ankura professionals are routinely utilized in interim roles. The use of qualified, interim experts provides you with a safeguard so that key program responsibilities are fulfilled. Interim management services provided by Ankura professionals can alleviate pressure to make hiring decisions with haste. We have staff with the knowledge and experience to fill various compliance, research compliance, revenue cycle compliance and data privacy needs. Customarily, when called upon to serve in interim roles, we assume responsibility for several key functions of a compliance leader.

Services Include:

  • Helping to identify viable long-term candidates for your program
  • Providing day-to-day management of your compliance department staff, including establishing and monitoring the responsibilities and duties of compliance personnel
  • Meeting with all C-suite individuals for introductions and guidance on the program
  • Meeting with the board or audit and compliance board chair for introduction and understanding of prior reporting relationship
  • Meeting with counsel to discuss reporting relationship and future collaboration, as well as any ongoing privileged investigations
  • Leading your compliance committee
  • Representing the compliance department in organizational meetings, working groups, or committees
  • Meeting with specific department directors/managers for introduction and input on their compliance issues

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