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At Arete Compliance Solutions we provide management consulting services focused on assisting organizations with the design, implementation and operation of effective compliance programs. 

Arete is an ancient Greek term that describes a person’s use of all of their faculties, skills and abilities to attain excellence: the highest level of effectiveness. Ethike arete (or moral excellence) was the concept at the heart of Aristotle’s Nichomachean Ethics. 

Achieving successful compliance program outcomes requires both an organizational culture that values making right choices for the right reasons; and a tactical understanding among individuals across the organization of what must be done to put cultural and compliance objectives into practice.

At Arete our goal is to help our clients achieve excellence in the operation of their organizational compliance programs. We are seasoned compliance professionals, and we bring deep real-world experience to bear as we help compliance programs achieve their fullest potential so that these compliance programs can, in turn, help their organizations succeed.

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