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Bluemark is a specialized software developer providing expert solutions for healthcare professionals. We solve complex problems with our adaptive technology and industry expertise. As a professional healthcare technology firm, we help clients protect reimbursement and achieve workflow efficiencies through the development of technology-based business process solutions for revenue cycle and HIM audit and compliance processes. 

Backed by a national footprint and strong industry relationships, Bluemark offers mature Cloud based technology solutions that are time-tested, proven and positioned to evolve with the healthcare market’s changing needs. 

Coming soon, which features free, secure + simple esMD submissions. 

Blueway Tracker Audit Management Solution

Clients can protect insurance reimbursement dollars, ensure compliance with time sensitive deadlines, and measure the impact of audit and denial activity. Blueway Tracker is the third-generation of the industry leading TRACKER solution, a cloud-based audit management platform initially developed to support Medicare’s Recovery Audit Contractor audits. Now Blueway Tracker expands the solution’s capabilities by introducing new features to manage the response process of all types of audits including those from Medicare, Medicaid and Commercial Payers. 

The landscape of audit and denial management continues to change and evolve. The timely response to Medicare Recovery Audits is still critical, but navigating Medicaid and commercial audit and denials is becoming increasingly challenging for providers. Coordinating medical records requests, document submissions, denials, appeals, reporting and financial adjustments puts a strain on resources across the organization. The process quickly can become cumbersome and time consuming.

With Blueway Tracker, our clients:

  • Protect insurance reimbursement dollars
  • Ensure compliance with time sensitive deadlines
  • Automate the audit appeal process freeing staff to focus on more value-added tasks
  • Measure the impact of audit and denial activity

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