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The Nation’s Healthcare Fair Market Valuation Trusted Experts

We work with health systems and hospitals who typically engage us for several reasons.  They are:

  • Afraid that they don’t have a true or accurate fair market valuation of their entities or services
  • Worried that they might be losing money by underpaying – or, perhaps, overpaying – for their physicians or administrative staff 
  • Frustrated with the amount of time it takes to obtain fair market valuation opinion letters
  • Concerned about their strategic planning for 2021

Why do healthcare organizations choose Carnahan Group?

  • Exceptional responsiveness and turnaround times faster than other valuation firms
  • Access to highly involved consulting leaders all with 30+ years of experience working across multiple healthcare industry segments
  • Track record of success advising many of the most reputable health organizations in the country
  • Cost-effective, user friendly, and reliable Fair Market Valuation software

We are Carnahan Group, an ingenious healthcare consulting and technology firm. We think differently about healthcare compliance. Our application of innovative and creative services result in more efficient and cost-effective client solutions, including our proprietary FMV-MDTM platform. 

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