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At Coker Group, we are more than consultants. We take ownership of your challenges, roll up our sleeves, and get in the trenches with you to solve problems.

We know that every situation has unique characteristics as hospitals and physician practices are both struggling to do more with less. We are committed to understanding your business and finding a solution that leads to real financial and operational impact.

With the rapid changes in healthcare, there are no cookie-cutter solutions that work. Our experienced advisors observe your business and listen to you. Each circumstance is unique and our advisors hand-craft a solution that is right for you.

We believe in showing our clients the most valuable part of our work – our thought process – rather than hiding behind a black box. We’ll walk you through the Why of our action plan, not just tell you the How of our recommendations.  

We work with hospitals and physician groups to develop customized solutions in five main service areas: Strategy, Operations, Finance, Technology, and Compliance. Our mission is to customize an approach for each client that ensures strategic differentiation in the marketplace and the achievement of every goal across all performance areas.

Through principled professional consulting, Coker Group assists healthcare providers in their pursuit of a sound business model and an enhanced patient experience. Coker Group’s advisors have the experience and creativity to find the right solution for any market and healthcare entity.

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