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Maize Analytics is a healthcare data analytics company that uses machine learning to build reporting and auditing solutions to help customers with their overall data governance. Providing users with customized solutions, we help compliance and IT teams navigate networks of data to protect their organization from insider threats and stay compliant. 

Maize’s Patient Privacy Monitoring tool provides privacy/compliance officers proactive alerts to inappropriate accesses to ePHI with the power of patented, peer-reviewed, and published artificial intelligence technology. Maize’s Privacy tool analyzes every access event in an EMR, automatically removes false positive alerts, and allows privacy teams to maximize efficiency in order to reduce HIPAA risk. Maize’s customer service is unparalleled in the industry, highlighted by Maize Analytics earning the 2021 Best in KLAS designation for Patient Privacy Monitoring Solutions.

The Maize Access Review Tool (MART), helps IT teams streamline user privilege reviews to sensitive data systems satisfying internal access, HIPAA, and HITRUST requirements. MART automatically disperses reviews throughout the organization to save time and increase productivity, with managers having the ability to approve or reject their team’s accesses. Users are provided straightforward, relevant information to enhance accuracy when determining which user permissions should be approved and which should be rejected. With real-time tracking and reporting for all actions taken within the tool, IT teams can always stay in-the-loop on which users have access to sensitive data systems and be confident that the level of access is appropriate.

Feel free to browse our product materials. If you have any questions, a Maize Representative is available in the chatbox or through CI Connect. Thank you for stopping by, we hope you enjoy the conference!

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