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Complete Healthcare Compliance Manual

Written by experienced compliance professionals from across the industry, this comprehensive manual includes general healthcare compliance program content; case studies; practical resources and tools, such as board reports, policy templates, and checklists; risk area synopses; and legal summaries practitioners can use to design and manage their organization’s compliance program.

HCCA premium newsletters

HCCA newsletters are an easy way for industry professionals to keep up-to-date on the latest in healthcare compliance.

Report on Medicare Compliance (RMC) provides effective, practical strategies and checklists, you can use to improve your compliance program today. RMC is distributed weekly online and in print.

Report on Patient Privacy (RPP) probes the headline grabbing breaches that rattle our world and informs you about emerging threats and trends in data security. The information it provides helps reduce an organization’s chances of a costly HIPAA security breach and limit liability if a breach occurs. This monthly publication is available online and in print.

Report on Research Compliance (RRC) focuses on the world of research, covering new developments in grants, budgets and organizations governing research. It also discusses current violations and news with leading voices in research compliance. RRC is published monthly and available online and in print. Subscriptions include a weekly email update covering the latest news.

HCCA Publications 

HCCA’s books and newsletters provide a wide range of critical analysis, guidance, and insights on pressing issues—from healthcare compliance risk areas to the latest regulatory changes and government enforcement news. Browse our store to find the information you need to be more effective on the job.

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Compliance Today (CT) Magazine 

HCCA’s monthly publication with a circulation of 12,000+ healthcare compliance professionals across the country. We are dedicated to publishing content that matters most to our members and the compliance industry. With articles written by your fellow healthcare compliance professionals, the magazine offers news, tips and lessons learned, and guidance related to healthcare compliance concerns and issues, from getting buy-in from leadership to the latest government regulations. Members of HCCA and non-members alike are invited to write articles for Compliance Today to keep topics current, fresh, and authentic.

Featured Publications

Health Care Privacy Compliance Handbook
Written by faculty of HCCA’s Healthcare Privacy Compliance Academy, the third edition of Health Care Privacy Compliance Handbook will give you the tools you need to handle the complex job of keeping patient information safe and private. With this vital resource, you’ll be able to navigate the legal and regulatory framework that governs protected health information.

This valuable guide is available now in softcover print, online digital, and a print and digital bundle.

Research Compliance Professional’s Handbook 
In the highly regulated world of clinical research, the role of the compliance professional is vital to maintain compliance with a wide range of government entities. With this practical guide, you’ll learn how to build and maintain a clinical research compliance and ethics program.

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