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On Demand Agenda

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Social Media for Doctor’s: The Good, The Bad, and the UglyBela Pandit, DPM1O 1A
Particulated Juvenile Allograft Cartilage Transplantation for OCDs of the TalusColin Mizuo, DPM1O 2
The Role of CBD in a Doctors PracticeStephen Perns, DPM1O 3A
Sexual Harassment Training Is a Critical Component to Maintaining a Healthy Workplace EnvironmentAimee Delaney1O 4A
Hypertension Management and Anti-Hypertensives UpdateSev Hrywnak , DPM1O 5
Changes with TTC Fusion/ArthrodesisLarry DiDomenico, DPM30 minO 6
Child AbuseNicole Johnson, MD1O 7A
Pediatric OrthoticsGwen Aniser, DPM1O 8A
Telehealth Malpractice RisksAimee Lipkis, ESQ1O 9
Pediatric Intoeing: The Cause and TreatmentsHannah Park, DPM30 minO10
10 Things to Know About DermatopathologyBill Scherer, DPM1O11
How to Build an Online Referral & Visibility PlanJim McDannald, DPM1O12A
Understanding Legal Tools: Keys to Lawsuit Prevention, Tax Reduction & License ProtectionDave Mitton1O13A
An Overview of Nerve Pathology DiagnosisAndy Rader, DPM1O14
Evaluation and Treatment Options of Juvenile Hallux Valgus….it’s Not Your Grandmother’s BunionRichard Goad, DPM1O15
Surgical Practice, Challenges and ChangesLawrence Fallat, DPM1O16
5th Metatarsal Fractures, Do We Need to Operate?Lawrence Fallat, DPM1O17
E&M 2021-6 Months in Lessons LearnedDavid Freedman, DPM, FASPS, FACFAS, CPC, CSFAC, CPMA1O18A
Durable Medical Equipment AuditsPaul Kesselman, DPM1O19A
Regenerative MedicineLaura Shin, DPM1O20
How to Survive AFO and Diabetic Shoe AuditsMike Demi, RN, CHC, CPC, CPMA, CSFAC1O21A
Minimally Invasive Bunion SurgeryBradley Lamm, DPM1O22
Stage II, III and IV Flatfoot ReconstructionEric So, DPM1O23
Total Ankle Periprosthetic Joint InfectionsEric So, DPM1O24
Lifestyle MedicineLeland Jaffe, DPM1O25
Successful Surgical Strategies for the Charcot FootNicholas Bevilacqua, DPM1O26
Pediatric Cancellous Fractures, Lisfranc Injuries and “Ankle Sprains”Edwin Harris, DPM1O27
Plantar Plate Injuries/Repair and Lesser Metatarsal OsteotomiesAdam Fleischer, DPM1O28
Radiologic Overview of Arthritic ProcessesDan Evans, DPM1O29
Emerging Trends in MRSA Treatment and Antimicrobial ResistanceLeland Jaffe, DPM1O30
Physical TherapyTed Kurlinkus, DPM1O31
Medications Used In PodiatryKim Heineman, PMAC, PRAC1A1A
Rocking and Rolling to the Beat of Feet!Kesha Davis, PMAC, PRAC1A2A
You’re Fired! Breaking Up With a PatientTara Brown, PMAC, PRAC1A3A
The Importance of Proper SchedulingCheryl Bailey, PMAC, PRAC1A4A
HIPAA Training for 2021Michele Bradice, PMAC, PRAC1A5A