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McClain Laboratories, LLC is a full-service anatomic pathology lab offering a wide range of services to our healthcare professionals and their patients nationwide. We provide the most sensitive and accurate dermatopathology diagnosis in the profession.

Our services include:

·   Ultra-sensitive fungal nail and skin testing

·   Dermatopathology of the foot and leg

·   Melanoma diagnosis and margin examination

·   Analysis of delayed wound healing

·   Gout and digital mucous cyst evaluation

·   One Step END™ tm nerve fiber density testing (formalin, no mixing)

·   Foreign body and tick ID

·   Direct immunofluorescence testing

·   Immunohistochemistry stains

McClain Labs provides morphological classification of fungal organisms, calibrated photographs on every report, rapid turnaround time and reliable access to Dr. Steve A. McClain by phone/text 631-926-3655 and email [email protected]

Dr. Steve A. McClain is board certified in AP and DP and specializes in Podiatric Pathology. He founded McClain Laboratories, LLC in 2004 where he practices dermatopathology in Smithtown NY. Dr. McClain is from High Ridge, Missouri. He graduated from the University of Missouri and trained at the University of Vermont, with a Dermatopathology fellowship at New York University.  He trained under the renowned dermatopathologist Dr. Bernie Ackerman at NYU.

Dr. McClain is an Associate Professor of Dermatology and Emergency Medicine at Stony Brook University Hospital with research interests in Wound Healing, Malignant Melanoma, and Pathology Informatics.

Call our lab anytime at 631-361-4000 and you’ll always hear a friendly voice! We look forward to working with you and your patients.

Contact Us
Carol McClain
[email protected]
45 Manor Rd. Smithtown, NY 11787

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