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NerveReverse is specifically formulated to meet the nutritional needs of people with peripheral neuropathy. By using clinical studies as a guide, NerveReverse is the most advanced formula on the market designed to treat your nerves without any of the side effects that are so common in the pharmaceuticals currently being recommended. It’s time to finally get your life back and treat your neuropathy instead of simply masking the problem with pain medications.

Data shows measurable improvement in patient’s neuropathy

Our experience thus far with nerve reverse has been positive.  We have a large patient population with diabetic neuropathy, many of which have suffered with complications due to the neuropathy including wounds, infections and amputations.  Our patients have been eager to try the Nerve Reverse supplements as part of their fight against their neuropathy and it’s complications.  We have been tracking the level of peripheral neuropathy each patient has with a sudoscan exam and we are noticing improved scores with patients using Nerve Reverse.  We are also noting patients reporting less neuropathic pain and numbness.  Moreover, our patients have largely switched from Metanx to Nerve Reverse because of cost and ease of access in our clinic.  I would recommend Nerve Reverse to patients and physicians looking for ways to increase nerve health and combat neuropathy.

Dr. Dan Preece, DPM

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