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About Sigma Digital X-Ray:

Sigma Digital X-Ray is a manufacturer and distributor of digital x-ray imaging devices and accessories for small office Dental, Medical, and Veterinary facilities. We utilize the latest technologies and advancements available while still providing economic value to the customer. Sigma not only offers the best products available – we are committed to superior service and support.

As one of the original pioneers in digital x-ray, Sigma Digital X-Ray has specialized and customized its digital imaging products for each industry and profession it serves for over 30 years. We believe in developing and presenting technologically advanced products at the best possible value to the ultimate end-user, as well as providing superior customer service and support.

For Medical Podiatry we’re proud to offer the highest quality x-ray DR imaging plates from Vieworks (as well as refurbished CR scanners), and of course the Podiatry industry standard X-Cel x-ray Machine for either a new installation, or upgrading an existing unit.

Most recently, we’re extremely excited to offer for national distribution and support the ClariusBest in Class” wireless, hand-held, high-frequency (up to 20 MHz), high-definition (HD), Ultrasound scanner priced below $5,000.00.

With a nationwide network of technicians available, we work hard to make sure that our customers are comfortable in discussing what their expectations are prior to developing a solution for their needs. We stress a “turn-key” process from initial system configuration, to creative financing, to final installation, and in-service applications. With every opportunity we are privileged to support, we emphasize a personal commitment to each one at fair and reasonable pricing.

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