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HueLife provides custom facilitation and consulting to organizations, teams, and groups. Our consultants use a variety of facilitation methods, including HUE Methods, to create an engaging environment for your team to successfully plan a project, initiative, event, strategic plan and more.

We work collaboratively with our clients to identify needs, expectations and desired outcomes, so we can design a process that will deliver on those outcomes. Our consultants can facilitate short or long-term projects and guide teams through an inclusive, participatory process.

Our strategic planning process includes: Creating shared vision, identifying goals and objectives, exercising strategic thinking, changing individual and team behaviors, visualizing a plan (creating a “road map”), and improving interpersonal relationships.

Insights® Discovery is a deep dive personal assessment tool HueLife uses with clients for leadership development, team building, and in facilitation and consultation. We also offer the tool as an independent service to help with group and self-awareness. Insights® Discovery will help you: 

  • Bridge communication gaps
  • Mitigate and resolve conflict
  • Develop high performing teams
  • Create building blocks for excellent communication

HueLife has certified Insights® Discovery practitioners ready to guide you through the assessment process and provide you with a coaching session. During the coaching session, you will also learn how this can be used to complement or in conjunction with other HueLife offerings. 

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In 2020, HueLife let our communities know:

We stand alongside our colleagues, friends, and community to end oppression and racial inequity. We can and will do better. 

Since then, we have taken steps to do our own DE&I work internally and with our partners. We are having conversations about race, equity, inclusion and dignity, and sharing resources to increase our own awareness. We are developing and expanding partnerships to facilitate, train, and expand DE&I work to make a greater impact and dismantle systemic injustice, inequity, and oppression. 

We do this work because our mission is to educate, facilitate, and inspire engagement in meaningful action for the greater good of communities and organizations.

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